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A central repository for nanomaterials information and data

NanoDatabank consists of a repository and database system of engineered nanomaterial (ENM) properties, experimental and simulation datasets of ENM fate and transport (F&T), as well as toxicity data. Login as a guest, lab administrator or system administrator. NanoDatabank contains a number of databases that include:

- Physiocochemical properties
- Toxicological properties
- Experimental datasets of ENM toxicity
- Experimental datasets of ENM fate and transport behavior
- Results of simulation predictions and estimation of ENM toxicity and F&T behavior


Minimum Information

All nanomaterials submitted for registration are validated for required parameters in order to determine the uniqueness of the submitted nanomaterial. Incomplete submissions are still accepted into the registry but are tagged with a status of "under review". This requirement for a minimum set of information allows the ability for proper identification of nanomaterials and more accurate association to accompanying data and files.

Similarity Checks and Nanomaterial Comparisons

The NanoDatabank utilizes an internal algorithm for comparing new nanomaterials submitted to existing nanomaterials based on the required properties. Users who submit a new nanomaterial for registration are provided a summary on which nanomaterials in the database are similiar to the one they are submitting. Similarity score is then shown in a percentile basis with 100% indicating an exact match.

Linkages to Characterizations and Data Files

When new records or files are submitted to the NanoDatabank, users have the option to link the information to existing nanomaterials, characterizations or publications that are available in the system. These stored relationships between data files and records enable better organization and searchability for related information.

Advanced Search

Nanomaterials and characterizations in the system can be searched on the basis of a variety of properties. These include common variables as well as fields that are only applicable to certain particles.


The NanoDatabank is was initially developed at CEIN in 2008 to allow personnel, researchers and external collaborators to access and share research and publication documents regarding nanomaterials. In 2014, it was upgraded to serve as a central repository for a wider set of nanomaterial information including particle registration, characterizations, raw and processed data, publications, presentations and other documents. In addition, the NanoDatabank is made available for use to researchers outside the CEIN organization with certain datasets available for restricted access.

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