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Nanomaterials Environmental Impact Assessment

Model Features

Environmental Impact Assessment

Combining the utility of three powerful modeling and analysis tools, as well as a comprehensive knowledgebase, NanoEIA is designed to support growing nanoinformatics efforts by providing resources and tools dedicated to environmental impact assessment of ENMs.

Compartmental Modeling Framework

Extensible Transport Processes

Bayesian Network

NanoEIA utilizes Bayesian Network for environmental impact assessment and to evaluate associate uncertainties.

Decision Process

. Each of the steps in the decision process can consist of multiple sequential and/or parallel steps. The above depicted approach suggests that decision makers may opt to declare a given ENM as being “safe” if early screening indicates (with the appropriate level of certainty) no exposure or hazard – in such a case the decision may be that further analysis may not be needed or needed at a lower level of resolution for further hazard identification, exposure analysis and thus environmental impact evaluation. On the other hand, if initial screening indicates that both exposure and a hazard are likely, the decision may be to proceed with detailed analysis along the steps indicated in the process.

"What-If?" Scenario Evaluation


The Nanomaterials Environmental Impact Assessment (NanoEIA) platform was developed to evaluate potential environmental impacts and risk management options in support of safe-by-design for ENMs considering multi-criteria analysis. NanoEIA makes use of Bayesian Network to support decision analysis while estimating, tracking, and aggregating uncertainties throughout the analysis process.

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